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LSSE, Kyutech PhD Defense Presentation
[Date] 2021.09.30(Thu)   [Place] Online
Open Campus
[Date] 2021.05.08(Sat)   [Place] Online
LSSE, PhD Defense Presentation
[Date] 2020.10.15(Thu)   [Place] Lecture Room2, Wakamatsu campus
Dept. Human Intelligence Systems PhD defense presentation
[Date] 2019.10.07(Mon)   [Place] Lecture Room2
Open Campus
[Date] 2019.05.11(Sat)
Open Campus
[Date] 2017.05.13(Sat)
2017 Seminar for Globally Aware Researchers
[Date] 2017.03.27(Mon)
8th LSSE Seminar: Dr. Syozo Yasui (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
[Date] 2016.01.22(Fri)   [Place] Lecture Room 2
7th LSSE Seminar: Dr. Hideyuki Takahashi, Osaka University
[Date] 2015.11.27(Fri)   [Place] Lecture Room 2
6th LSSE Seminar: Prof. Jordi Madrenas, Technical University of Catalunya
[Date] 2015.11.18(Wed)   [Place] Lecture Room 2
5th LSSE Seminar
[Date] 2015.10.16(Fri)   [Place] Lecture Room 2
4th LSSE Seminar: Dr. Salvatore Sessa (Waseda University)
[Date] 2015.09.24(Thu)   [Place] Lecture Room 1
3rd LSSE Seminar: Dr. Eiji Uchibe, Neural Computation Unit, OIST
[Date] 2015.07.10(Fri)   [Place] Lecture Room 2
2nd LSSE Seminar: Prof. S.K. Saha, IIT Delhi, INDIA
[Date] 2015.06.11(Thu)   [Place] Lecture Room 2
1st LSSE Seminar: Prof. Toyokazu Yamada, Graduate School of Advanced Integration Science, Chiba University
[Date] 2015.06.10(Wed)   [Place] Lecture Room 2
Open Campus
[Date] 2015.05.16(Sat)
The 1st guidance fair for entrance to the department of human intelligence systems
[Date] 2015.03.31(Tue)
The 1st guidance fair for entrance to the department of biological functions engineering
[Date] 2015.03.31(Tue)
Technical Tour in collaboratoin with RSJ2014 in Fukuoka
[Date] 2014.09.03(Wed)
Open Campus
[Date] 2014.05.17(Sat)