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Make history between your country and Kyutech !

First time I came to Japan, I know nothing about the place - including the language. Everything was very strange to me. For the first several months, I felt a bit difficult due to language barrier. Fortunately, I had a very nice tutor in Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech) who was willing to help me in any situation. That eased me a lot. My supervisor, Professor Yoshihito Shirai and the other staff members in the lab - Professor Haruo Nishida, Dr. Minato Wakisaka and Ms. Tomoko Tanaka were very kind to me and helped me a lot during my stay in Kyutech. Not to forget all the other staff members and students of Kyutech. In Kyutech, I managed to do an excellent research related to chemical recycling of polymer, with close supervision from the supervisors. Working environment in Kyutech has motivated me to produce good research outcome. As the results, several papers were published in international refereed journals with impact factor. Apart from the academic success stories, I must say that living in Japan has made me to be more mature, independent and tough. Everyday - for three years, I was exposed to Japanese lifestyle. More or less, it changed my life. Now I have returned to my home country, Malaysia and working as a lecturer at Universiti Putra Malaysia. I now realize that the biggest advantage for studying in Kyutech is the relationship continuity between me and my previous supervisors. We manage to keep the good relationship and collaborate in research. I hope this research collaboration will lasts for a long time.

Hidayah Ariffin, Ph.D.

Message for Prospective Students

Kyushu Institute of Technology (KIT) is doing a great job by producing ladies and gentlemen who are able to be the international leaders in their fields. As I observed, laboratories with outstanding facilities, proper guidance from the teachers, homely environment, vision to contribute to the society, cooperation of the staffs are the key elements for its excellent performance. Actually, the three and half a year in KIT is the best experience in my life. The scholastic supervision of my supervisor, all time cooperation, invaluable suggestions and guidance of my co-supervisor, kind support, discussion and collaboration of the lab members, and cooperation of the staffs helped me to complete my mission successfully. I am grateful to KIT.

Md. Nurul Islam, Ph.D.