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Department of Human Intelligence Systems

Yoshida Laboratory

Dian Christy Silpani

Q1:Why Kyutech?

To be in a good and supportive research environment is very important for me and Kyutech have it. I was introduced to Yoshida sensei before I actually selected as a student in Kyutech. She really understand about my gap year. She directs but at the same time gives me the opportunity to explore many things independently.

Q2:About Research

I always feel that doing research is like riding on a roller coaster. Hard to start, getting harder during the process, but there is always a finish line. Currently I'm on a roller coaster of studying the concept of Human Robot Interaction with focus on human and Robot behavior based on gesture and image recognition. :)

Q3:Best point of Kyutech

Yoshida Laboratory is like a family, where everybody live in a  friendly environment  including  Sensei along with all lab members.

Q4:My recommended place from Kyutech

There is a circular room on each floor near the elevator, which is excellent for wide and pleasant view outside. If you want to relax for a while from research and small refreshment it is best place. Nevertheless, it is beside my laboratory.

Q5:What surprised me most in Japan

Very good in terms of customer service.

Q6:What kind of life

Almost three years in Japan. I start from Japanese language school then enter master degree, and still enjoy to living here. I live in an apartment with tatami, I love to travel, a big fan of Ramen and Japanese culture.

Q7:My future dream

I want to be someone who is an expert in the field. I am studying and working in an International based Technology Company.