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Takashi YASUDA
Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering

Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering (LSSE) was established in 2000 at Kitakyushu Science and Research Park to promote advanced research based on superior biological functions and implement them into practical engineering technology. LSSE has succeeded in creating frontier technologies for meeting social needs in broad technical fields related to environment/energy, robot/artificial intelligence, medical application, etc.

LSSE is dedicated to offering environment for interdisciplinary research. The areas of expertise of the professors and students cover a broad range: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry, material science, informatics, robotics, biology, etc. Because researchers in various research fields work side by side in the same building, there are many chances to have interdisciplinary interaction, which may lead to finding a solution to research challenges or ideas for new research subjects. Also, because many classes in various fields are offered, students can acquire knowledge and techniques of different fields to utilize engineering technologies from a wide perspective.

Diversity in students is also a big feature of LSSE. In addition to students from two undergraduate schools of Kyushu Institute of Technology, many students gather from domestic universities and colleges of technology throughout Japan and from various overseas universities. Collaborative works among these students with different experiences and values generate fresh ideas leading to technical innovation as well as fostering communication ability with recognition of diversity.

LSSE has educational programs and research projects in collaboration with universities and companies within Kitakyushu Science and Research Park. Also, LSSE is offering study abroad programs with overseas partner universities, and conducting many international joint research projects with them. Through these programs and projects, students can strongly enhance their global perspectives.

We invite you to LSSE to immerse yourself in a cutting-edge education and research environment and to launch your promising career on an international stage.