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In accordance with its long-standing commitment to fostering technology experts, the graduate schools of the Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech) are dedicated to training highly capable engineers with advanced levels of specialized expertise, deep knowledge, exceptional skills, and rich creativity, who are capable of confidently engaging in research and development.

The Doctoral Program welcomes students who wish to acquire cutting-edge knowledge and research and development skills in a specialized field of science and engineering, as well as knowledge in related and other disciplines. Applicants should already be equipped for this purpose with sufficient advanced knowledge in their field of specialization. Applicants should also possess presentation skills, the ability to communicate in a second language, an understanding of the role of technology in society, and the ability to work as part of a team as well as independently.

Applicants are required to possess the following qualities.

  1. Sufficient advanced knowledge in a specialized field of engineering to generate original ideas and actively undertake research and development as an engineer.
  2. An understanding of the role that each specialized field of science and engineering play in society.
  3. The practical and advanced problem solving skills needed for research and development.
  4. The presentation skills needed to present and publicly communicate new technologies.
  5. A mastery of communication skills in a second language.
  6. A willingness to develop a deeper awareness of one’s own role.
  7. The ability to design proposals and manage work toward developing solutions to problems in unfamiliar fields of specialization.
  8. The ability to propose improvements to team work as a member of the team.

Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering
Department of Life Science and Systems Engineering

Goals for Fostering Engineers and Researchers

The Graduate School of Life Science and Systems Engineering aims at training engineers and researchers who are capable of elucidating the structures and functions of living organisms. Such knowledge is expected to offer valuable insights into resource and energy conservation, environmental harmony, and strategies for improving human life. Students who join our program should also be capable of practically applying such insights to real engineering problems.

Furthermore, the department aims to foster engineers who are capable of taking on global leadership roles, in cooperation with professionals in other fields, in developing solutions to contemporary problems that will lead to greater environmental sustainability, and who have a steady focus on the latest research and technology trends and will strive to produce innovative work.

Requirements for Applicants

Applicants are required to possess: (1) Deep specialized knowledge and the understanding to master applied technology; (2) Knowledge and understanding of related interdisciplinary fields; (3) Understanding of the social and economic ramifications of technology and the ability to address social needs; (4) The capacity to think logically and originally; (5) Management skills and the ability to make judgments from a global perspective.

Requirements for the Special Examination for International Students

Applicants are required to possess: (1) A strong desire to cultivate more advanced technical expertise and learning in a field of specialization, and to develop broad and systematic knowledge and technical expertise in related disciplines; (2) A sufficiently high level of knowledge in the field of specialization to achieve these goals; (3) A global perspective and the ability to exercise leadership in international settings.