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5th Gakken Hills Road Relay

1)Purpose of this Race

As an opportunity to prepare for the future society in which many types of robots coexist with us humans and all other life forms on Earth, we organized the third road relay on April 2018. (Please click here for details) The race was successful thanks to all participants’ great response. We are holding the fourth race this year, so be sure to take part this May.


Check in starts at 9:00 on May 11, 2019 (Sat.) at International Conference Hall 1F Lobby in Kitakyushu Science and Research Park.
The race will start outside of the lobby. For details, please check4) Course.
If you want to ship your Robot Runner to the site, please send it to the following address:

〒808-0196 北九州市若松区ひびきの2番4号
生命体工学専攻 石井研究室 藤永 拓矢

The race will push through even with light rain. However, it may be cancelled for extreme weather conditions.

Time Table

April 11 (Thu.) Registration Launch
May 3 (Fri.) Registration Deadline
May 10 (Fri.) 13:00 Robot Runner Test Field Available
15:00~16:00 Early Qualification Check (Robot Runners Only)
May 11 (Sat.) 9:00~11:00 Qualification Check, Changes Allowed for Registration and Entry
11:15 Opening Ceremony, Staff Introduction, Photo, Warm-up
12:00 Race Start
13:30 Race Finish
14:00 Closing Ceremony, Awards
14:30 After Party (Optional)
Entry Fee:500円
Place: International Conference Hall 1F Lobby in Kitakyushu Science and Research Park


Center for Socio-Robotic Synthesis, Kyushu Institute of Technology
Kitakyushu City


Total of 6 laps of 1.5km course around Hibikino Science and Research Park

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<Click Here for more Details of the Course>


  1. Each team must have total of 6 runners.
  2. Runners are divided into the following three categories.
    ・[P] Any person with age of 18 years or older
    ・[R] Robot
    ・[A] Any companion animal (except for those that can be considered as small rides such as horse)
  3. [R]must carry its own energy source and must be equipped with an emergency stop/pause switch. Please note that any type of movement method is allowed except for flying. (Aerial Robots are NOT eligible for the race. NO DRONES)
  4. [R] and [A] must be accompanied by an escort and must travel together.
  5. [R] muse be under 100kg in weight, 1mx1m in size and cannot exceed 6km/h in speed. Please make sure there are no objects that can endanger other runners during the race.
  6. Manual wheelchairs are classified as [P], and the electric wheelchairs are [R].
  7. All runners should be able to attach the team number visibly on their body. (numbers are distributed on the race day by the staff)
  8. Up to 3 substitute runners can be registered. (escorts and operators can also be registered as substitutes)
    If there are any change in runner list or in the running order, it should be notified to the staff 1 hour prior to the race.
  9. Practice sportsmanship: race must be fair and square.


  1. For an interesting race, we have developed an interesting scoring system called Advantage Time. (click to see more)
  2. Each team must have 3 of each male and female runners and the running order should be alternating. However, [R] and [A] can be considered both as male and female.

    eg) runner# 1             2           3           4            5            6
    Team A : [P](Male) [P](Female) [P](Male) [P](Female) [P](Male) [P](Female)

  3. Each team may have maximum of two [R] and [A].
  4. [R] and [A] runners cannot race after another.

    eg)  runner#     1               2               3               4               5                 6
    X   Team 1 : [R](Robot)   [P](Robot)   [P](Male)  [P](Female)  [P](Male)   [P](Female)
    X   Team 2 : [P](Female)  [P](Male)    [A](Dog)   [A](Cat)       [P](Female) [P](Male)
    O   Team 3 : [R](Robot)   [P](Female) [R](Robot)  [P](Male)     [A](Dog)    [P](Female)
    O   Team 4 : [R](Robot)   [A](Dog)     [P](Male)    [P](Female)  [A](Cat)      [R](Robot)

  5. [R] and [A] must always be connected with the escort through a cable within 3m in length.
  6. [R] Runner can have one escort and one operator.
  7. If necessary, the escort can supply additional power or make adjustments to [R] during race.
  8. [R] must be able to apply an emergency stop in case of any contact with other runners that can be dangerous. There is no penalty for restarting.
  9. Dropped items from the runners [A] and [R] must be collected by the escort on spot.
  10. The competition will finish exactly at 13:30. Make sure to reach the goal before this time.


Will be announced shortly


  • Please download ‘Application Form‘ and ‘Letter of Commitment‘ and fill in the necessary information.
  • Team leaders should fill out and sign the ‘Letter of Commitment’ which can be submitted either by email or by hand on the race day.
  • Application Period: April 11 (Thursday) ~ May 3 (Friday)
  • Submit to: Gakken Hills Relay Exacutive Committe
    KyutechEkiden2019[atmark] (atmark) → change to @


KyutechEkiden2019[atmark] (atmark) → change to @


Time table, Eligibility, Rules and contents of the race may be subject to changes. Please check this website again later for latest updates.

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