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2nd Gakken Hills Road Relay



We are entering into the new age that we have always been dreamed of. The age where the mankind and life forms on earth coexist with robots. Gakken Hills Ekiden (relay race) is our first step!

1)Important Dates and Time

The race starts at noon of Saturday, November 28th, 2015.
Rainstorms may cause cancellation of the race.

Time Table

Friday, October 1st

Registration Begin

Saturday, October 31st

Registration Deadline

Friday, November 27th

13:00 ~16:00

Early Qualification Check for Robot and Animal Runners


Robot Runner Test Field Available

Friday, November 28th

9:00 ~ 11:00

Qualification Check

10:00 ~ 11:00

Changes Allowed for Registration and Entry


Opening Ceremony, Staff Introduction, Photo, Warm-up


Race Begins!


Race End

14:00 ~ 15:00

Closing Ceremony, Awards


After Party

2)Host Information

Center for Socio-Robotics Synthesis, Kyusyu Institute of Technology

3)Sponsor Information

Kitakyusyu City


Total of 6 laps of 1.5km course around Hibikino Science and Research Park(Click to Enlarge the Image

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  1. Each team must have total of 6 runners.

  2. Runners are divided into the following three categories.

  • [P]: Any person with age of 18 years or older

  • [R]: Robot

  • [A]: Any legal companion animal

  1. [R] runners must carry own power source and must be equipped with an emergency stop/pause switch.

  2. [R] and [A] require escort, however, riding is prohibited.

  3. [R] runners must be able to fit in a rectangle with 1m width and 1.5 length. Total weight cannot exceed 100kg.

  4. Wheelchairs are [R] runners. However, it cannot be driven by any kind of human power. An emergency stop switch must be installed where it is visible.

6)Basic Rules

  1. Each team must have three men and three woman runners, the running order must alternate between genders.

  2. [R] and [A] runners cannot run one after another.

  3. Up to two of [R] and [A] runners can be assigned to a team.

  4. [R] and [A] runners must be connected to their escorts using a cable during the run. Failing to maintain this connection may cause disqualification from the competition.

  5. [R] and [A] runners must have an escort. The escort shall meet the Basic Rules 1.

  6. Teams with [R] runners have a choice to assign a separate operator apart from the escort. Operators do not need to meet Basic Rules 1.

  7. Escorts cannot make physical contact to [R] or [A] runners except when:

    • [R] or [A] has made an unexpected complete stop

    • Fuel needs to supplied or need adjustment

    • Danger or harm to other competitor is expected.

  8. Escort or operator of [R] runner must be able to force an immediate stop if any danger of collision is sensed. Failing to do so may cause disqualification. The runners may continue after the danger is removed.

  9. Each runners must comply with the decision made by executive committee chairmain.

  10.  Any harm made to other competitor by [R] or [A] can be disqualified at the discretion of the executive committee chairman.

  11.  Any lost properties of [R] or [A] runners must be collected or disposed by the escort.

  12.  Each competitors must comply with the rules in this tournament before applying for the competition.

  13.  All competitors must be in accordance with the chairman’s decision.


  1. Team with fastest recorded time of total of six laps of the 1.5km Kitakyushu Science and Research Park wins the competition.

  2. Teams with [R] or [A] runners gain a special points called “Advantage Time” that can be subtracted from the total lap.

  3. If a runner cannot finish a lap in 30 minutes, the time is recorded and the next runner must start immediately.

  4. The competition finishes at 13:00 exactly. Any team that is not finished with all 6 laps by this time has TimeOut as their record and must terminate the run.

  5. [P] [R] [A] runners are required to wear bib and sash provided.

  6. Up to 3 substitute runners can be assigned to each team. Information for the substitutes must be registered by 11:00 of the competition day. Escort and operator can also be the substitute runners.

  7. All competitors are expected to act accordance with the sportsman spirit, fair and square.

8)Awards (changes may be made)

  • Fastest time attack : Center for Socio-Robotic Synthesis Award  (50,000 yen)

  • Interdisciplinary competition winner : Kyushu Institute of Technology President Award (50,000 yen)


  • Executive Commitee:
    Kyushu Institute of Technology Ishii laboratory M2

  • Secretariat:
    Kyusyu Institute of Technology Center for Socio-Robotic Synthesis
    Fukai Chiaki


  • Please download “Application Form” and “Letter of Commitement” and fill in the necessary information.

  • Please send a copy of signed or stamped “Letter of Commitment” or hand in manually on the competition day.

  • Application Period: From Thursday Oct. 1st to Saturday Oct. 31st.

  • Submitted to: Kyusyu Institute of Technology Center for Socio-Robotic Synthesis

    fukai(atmark) please change (atmark)→ to @ manually。

2nd Gakken Hills Road Relay  Registeration Form

2nd Gakken Hills Road Relay Letter of Commitment


Changes in time table, eligibility and basic rules may change.

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