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The Center for Socio-Robotic Synthesis, Kyushu Institute of Technology proposes new possibilities based on research results through robotics to society, and aim to realize a new robotics market.

Society’s needs of the future

  • An environmental protection technology
  • A support technology for our daily lives
  • A social contribution robot
  • A marine environment research for securing of marine resources
  • A fish reef environment research
  • A harbor environment research
  • A vessel maintenance
  • A subsea security network
  • A realization of a sustainable society reducing the effects on the environment in harmony with nature
Our life
  • A maintenance of a high quality of life at an aging society with a falling birth rate
  • An improvement of a working environment in a healthcare practice
  • An effective diffusion of a rehabilitation techniques
  • A diffusion of an advanced automation technology in plant
  • A maintenance of a pipe environment infrastructure including water and sewerage

A realization of a new robotics possibilities by a construction of “socio-robotics” contributing to society

Securing and stable supply of an energy resource

A steady supply of energy resource is a critical social issue. A resources development for the next generation such as methane hydrate and rare metal is expected to resolve this issue as with an introduction of renewable energies. These next generation resources are discovered in Japanese territorial waters, and are required investigations of reserves and environmental impact.

Responding to a low birth rate and longevity

A shortage of workers caused by population decline and aging is worsening. We have to respond to the issue in anticipation of a coming super-graying society. Through the introduction of a robotics technology that can be used by a health care practice, we can expected many effects. For example, a reduction of workers’ burden in the health care practice, a provision of high quality medical treatment, a pain alleviation of patients, an effective rehabilitation and so on.

Reconstruction of a industrial infrastructure

The manufacturing industry have problems of the aging facilities, the aging workforce and so on. Furthermore, because of a severe price competition from abroad, they are in dire straits. We have to improve the productive efficiency with active support given to the automation of production equipments.

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