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Field 1: Development and realization of special environment robots which are available to the ultimate environment

  • Realization of investigation for marine organisms and marine resources using underwater robot group
  • Development of a ship bottom cleaning robot
  • A infrastructure maintenance by realizing a remote maintenance robot of a pipe

Field 2: Development and realization of medical and nursing care robots

  • Development of a driven capsule robot for moving inside human
  • Development of a novel endoscopic manipulation system
  • Development of a rehabilitation aid robot for disabilities and elderly
  • Development of a lower-limb motion assist compact robot for a vein thrombosis prophylaxis
  • Research and development of an on-site lifestyle support robot
  • Development of a robot for improving work environment in nursing home and hospital

Field 3: Development and realization of an automation technology in plant

  • Development of an omni-directional mobile transportation system with a automated alignment traveling function
  • Development of an investigation robot using an electromagnetic acoustic wave
  • Research and development of a factory automation by an automated assembly robot
  • Research and development of a robot corresponding to a cell manufacturing system

Field 4: Development of open software which enables quality assurance to support the realization of a reliable robot

  • The introduction of MaTX and JAMOX

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