The lectures in academic year 2022 are open. (Nov. 30th, 2022)

Seminar Listings

The 1st Seminar

Date December 9th, 16:20-19:30
Speaker Prof. Isao Hayashi (Kansai University, Japan)
Title Fundamentals of AI/DS and case studies using soft computing
Host Prof. Keiichi Horio

The 2nd Seminar

Date December 16th, 16:20-19:30
Speaker Prof. Katsunori Mizuno(The University of Tokyo, Japan)
Title Sensing of the water environment
Host Prof. Yuya Nishida

The 3rd Seminar

Date December 23rd, 16:20-19:30
Speaker Prof. Takeshi Kougo (National Institute of Technology (KOSEN), Suzuka College, Japan)
Title Research of Biofilm - Analysis Evaluation, Suppression and Utilization -
Host Prof. Minato Wakisaka

The 4th Seminar

Date January 6th, 16:20-19:30
Speaker Prof. Shutarou Katsurabayashi (Fukuoka University, Japan)
Title Analysis of synaptic transmission using patch-clamp technique and application of human iPS cells
Host Prof. Kiyohisa Natsume

The 5th Seminar

Date January 13th, 16:20-19:30
Speaker Prof. Shunsuke Shigaki (Osaka University, Japan)
Title Neuroethology for Robotics
Host Prof. Shuhei Ikemoto

The 6th Seminar

Date January 20th, 16:20-19:30
Speaker Prof. Kyouzou Kanemoto (Kita Kyushu-city University, Japan)
Title Predictive maintenance for power electronics systems
Host Prof. Akihiko Watanabe

The 7th Seminar

Date January 27th, 16:20-19:30
Speaker Prof. Kenji Ishida (Kobe University, Japan)
Title Fundamental and Application of Organic Ferroelectrics
Host Prof. Kazuto Takashima

The 8th Seminar

Date February 8th, 16:20-19:30
Speaker Prof. Kinya Tomizaki (Ryukoku University, Japan)
Title History of peptide synthesis and development of a peptide-based process for selective gold recovery
Host Prof. Tamaki Kato


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