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Seminar Listings

1st/2nd quarter

The 1st Seminar

Date April 14th, 14:40-17:50
Speaker Dr. Haruo HOSOYA (Senior Researcher, Department of Dynamic Brain Imaging, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International(ATR), Japan)
Title Computational theory of the visual system in the brain
Host Prof. Tomohiro SHIBATA

The 2nd Seminar

Date April 21th, 14:40-17:50
Speaker Prof. Takamitsu MATSUBARA (Associate Professor, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
Title Reinforcement Learning and Its Real Robot Application
Host Prof. Tomohiro SHIBATA

The 3rd Seminar

Date June 2nd, 14:40-17:50
Speaker Dr. Masahiko HARUNO (Principal Investigator, Center for Information and Neural Networks, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan)
Title Recent developments of Social Neuroscience
Host Prof. Tomohiro SHIBATA

The 4th Seminar

Date June 23rd, 14:40-17:50
Speaker Dr. Eiichi YOSHIDA (Principal Research Manager, Intelligent Systems Research Institute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan)
Title Interaction-oriented robotics research for human-centered product design and evaluation
Host Prof. Tomohiro SHIBATA

3rd/4th quarter

The 5th Seminar

Date December 8th, 16:20-19:30
Speaker Dr. Tamotsu Ninomiya (Green Electronics Research Institute, Kitakyushu)
Title Reliability of power supply systems
Host Prof. Seiya ABE

The 6th Seminar

Date December 15th, 16:20-19:30
Speaker Prof. Ren Hua Jin (Kanagawa University)
Title Bioinspired process for development of hybrid materials
Host Prof. Yoshito ANDO

The 7th Seminar

Date December 22nd, 16:20-19:30
Speaker Prof. Katsuhiko Fujita (Kyushu University)
Title Electronics of organic semiconductors
Host Prof. Shuzi HAYASE

The 8th Seminar

Date January 19th, 2018, 16:20-19:30
Speaker Dr. Tomonori Tsukiya (National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center)
Title Mechanical circulatory supports for severe heart failure patients
Host Prof. Masaaki TAMAGAWA


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