The lectures in academic year 2021 are open. (2021.11.27)

Seminar Listings

The 1st Seminar

Date December 10th, 16:20-19:30
Speaker Prof. Fumiaki Amano (The University of Kitakyushu, Japan)
Title Photoenergy-driven conversion of small molecules for sustainable future
Host Prof. Naoya Murakami

The 2nd Seminar

Date December 17th, 16:20-19:30
Speaker Prof. Hidehito Asaoka(Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan)
Title Self-assembled low-dimensional nanostructure
Host Prof. Satoshi Iikubo (Kyushu University)

The 3rd Seminar

Date December 24th, 16:20-19:30
Speaker Prof. Chiaki Kitamura (Kyushu Dental University, Japan)
Title Tooth Therapy and Translational Research
Host Prof. Hiroshi Yamada

The 4th Seminar

Date January 7th, 16:20-19:30
Speaker Prof. Kyozo Kanemoto (University of Kitakyushu, Japan)
Title Predictive maintenance for power electronics systems
Host Prof. Akihiko Watanabe

The 5th Seminar

Date January 14th, 16:20-19:30
Speaker Prof. Emi Yuda (Tohoku University, Japan)
Title The world of data-driven research using biological signal big data analysis
Host Prof. Sozo Inoue

The 6th Seminar

Date January 21st, 16:20-19:30
Speaker Prof. Toshihiro Maki (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
Title Underwater platform system for ocean exploration
Host Prof. Yuya Nishida

The 7th Seminar

Date February 1st, 16:20-19:30
Speaker Prof. Tadashi Yamazaki (The University of Electro-Communications, Japan)
Title Past, Present and Future of Neural Network Simulation
Host Prof. Katsumi Tateno

The 8th Seminar

Date February 4th, 16:20-19:30
Speaker Prof. Testuya Miyoshi (Hannan University, Japan)
Title Auditory characteristics for emitting sound stimuli and application of it for evacuation guidance system
Host Prof. Keiichi Horio


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