Qualification Materials

a) Team Description Paper

    Team Description Paper 2022

b) Scientific Papers

c) Results and Awards                           

  • 2021
    • RoboCup Asia-Pacific : Video Challenge 1st place
    • RoboCup Asia-Pacific : Technical Challenge 1st place
    • RoboCup Asia-Pacific JSAI Award
    • World Championship Online: Technical Challenge 7th place
    • World Championship Online: Scientific Challenge 6th place
  • 2020
  • 2019
    • World Championship Sydney: 8th place
    • Japan Open in Kanazawa: 1st place
  • 2018
    • Asia-Pacific in Kish: 2nd place
    • Japan Open in Ogaki: 2nd place
  • 2017
    • Asia-Pacific in Bangkok: 2nd place
    • Iran Open in Theran: 2nd place
    • World Championship Nagoya: 7th place
    • World Championship Nagoya Technical Challenge: 7th place
    • Japan Open in Kanazawa: 2nd place
    • Japan Open in Kanazawa Technical Challenge: 1st place
  • 2016
    • World Championship Leipzig: 6th place
    • World Championship Leipzig Technical Challenge: 4th place
    • World Championship Leipzig Free Challenge: 7th place
    • Japan Open in Nagoya: 1st place
    • Japan Open in Nagoya Technical Challenge: 2nd place

d) Video

Video showing the capabilities of our robots(youtube)

e) Contributions of the RoboCup MSLCommunity

  • 2021
    • RoboCup WorldCup MSL Organizing Committee Member: Moeko Tominaga
    • RoboCup Asia-Pacific MSL Organizing Committee Local Chair: Yasunori Takemura
    • RoboCup Asia-Pacific MSL Organizing Committee Member: Moeko Tominaga
  • 2019
    • RoboCup Sydney MSL Organizing Committee Member: Moeko Tominaga
  • 2018
    • RoboCup Nagoya MSL Organizing Committee Member: Moeko Tominaga
  • 2017
    • RoboCup Nagoya MSL Technical Committee Member: Shota Chikushi
  • 2016
    • RoboCup Leipzig MSL Executive Committee Member: Yasunori Takemura
    • RoboCup Leipzig MSL Organizing Committee Member: Shota Chikushi                     
  • 2015
    • RoboCup Hefei MSL Executive Committee Member:YasunoriTakemura
    • RoboCup Hefei MSL Technical Committee Member: Shota Chikushi                           

f) Declaration of a mixed team

Our team will not join the mixed team.

g) Declaration of 802.11b access-point.


h) Mechanical and Electrical Description together with a Software Flow Chart

Mechanical and electrical description of the robot and software flow chart

Kyushu institute of Technology has the intellectual property right. So, we can not open our sourse code freely. But we will try to share the infomation with MSL members.