Training Program for Educating globally aware ResearchersTraining Program for Educating
Globally aware Researchers

This program supports to develop international sensibilities of the student through dispatching them abroad and debating in English.


Short Term Overseas study abroad program

For students who are planning to join the Short Term Study Abroad Program, we have the 4 weeks study abroad program. If we have overwhelming response we would select only the best students. At the end of the abroad program, we ask students to share their experiences at the sharing session and to turn in a report about their experience. We would award a grade and respective credits to the students based on quality of the report as well as your presentation during the sharing session. The study abroad report will be corrected by a native English speaker, and you will be guided on the ways to write a good report. During the sharing session, the quality of your presentation will be graded by a few professors.

Study of English through Project based learning (PBL)

Before the start of the study abroad program, professors from different nationalities will conduct a PBL program to immerse students with the English language, with the aim to equip students with the necessary English Language skills (reading, writing, conversation, group discussion and presentation) for students to conduct their research during their study abroad program. For the English immersion PBL program, the general rule is to use only strictly English, and there will be plenty of practice to enable students to communicate effectively at their study abroad university. International exchanges is further enhanced as students going on study abroad programs together with international students here on short term visit, organize and participate in joint seminars, research presentation sessions and social gatherings. On top of this, to encourage students to better their English Language skills and to measure the students’ improvement in their acquisition of the language fairly, we require all our students who are going for study abroad programs to sit for the TOEFL test before and after the study abroad program.

Joint Seminar

We invite successful international researchers and students from overseas and organize seminars on topics related to globalization. In addition, we also plan to get the students who are participating in this program, the regular students, and international students to do presentations about their research topic in English.